Pats Pizza



About Us

Pat’s Pizza opened in the Spring of 1984. We started downstairs in the market square with a counter and a household oven. We had a wooden cash drawer that pinged when you opened it!
We couldn’t afford stools so the customers had to stand while they waited for the pizza to cook and that took a while in the domestic oven!
The Derry People and Donegal Newspaper office were above us and when we got our first Italian Stone based oven the editor used to come down with the sweat pouring off him to complain about the heat.
When they moved to another location in the town (not because of us) we expanded upstairs. In 1990, we moved Pat’s Pizza to the Main Street where we are still located today. We remained in the Market Square with a more bistro style establishment, Pat's On The Square, and it has been thriving ever since.