About Us

We launched our 100% Fairtrade coffee in 2006. We have travelled far and wide to meet the co-ops and farmers who grow our coffee. For us it’s essential to know our farmers, for them to know us and to create a long lasting relationship together.
The Insomnia Blend is a unique recipe, blended just for us, the speciality grade beans are sourced from Colombia, Tanzania, Peru and Sumatra. Our coffee beans are roasted for us weekly.
Colombian Bean: Medium body, subtle citric top notes, clean finish.
Tanzanian Bean: Big body, chocolate malt & nutty notes, lasting finish.
Peruvian Bean: Medium body, chocolate notes with hint of apple acidity, long & rich finish.
Sumatran Bean: Creamy body, toasted sugar & smoky chocolate notes
Our unique blend of Fairtrade premium coffee beans is specially roasted for us weekly. The shorter the time between roasting and serving, the fresher, smoother and fuller flavoured the taste.
Tasting Note: “Syrupy, smooth body with liquorice note and aromas of cherry. Th