Healthwise Pharmacy



About Us

The Healthwise Pharmacies concept was developed by Liam Grimley, James Cassidy and Donal Cassidy in order to bring the benefits of group purchasing to local communities while . preserving the integrity and service levels of the locally run community pharmacy.
Other local pharmacists have taken equity shares in selected pharmacies as the concept continues to grow. By ensuring the participation of local stakeholders, Healthwise are able to live up to their mission statement of “caring for your community”.
The business model has evolved to allow shared ownership, where partner pharmacists avail of the product range, prices and support services of the Healthwise model while ensuring the pharmacy remains under the management of a dedicated local pharmacist.
In this way, Healthwise Pharmacies hope to preserve the ethos of the locally run community pharmacy while offering a wide range of products and services at the keenest prices. Also Gllencar Shopping Centre.