First Citizen Finance DAC



About Us

First Citizen Finance is a leading provider of Retail Financial Services in the Irish Market, including Car Finance, Agri Finance, and CRE Lending. Headquartered in Dublin, it employs almost 100 people and provides a range of financial solutions across a diverse asset class.

We provide asset finance to consumers and non consumers in the Republic of Ireland and look forward to doing business with you. You've found the right place if you're looking for excellent services, competitive rates and simple processes.

Whether you're looking to finance your next new or used car or ready to explore funding options for Agri/SME equipment, we can help you. We have also entered the commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending sector.

At First Citizen, you can expect a quick, efficient service and a bespoke solution for your financing requirements.
We're a young growing company with an experienced team of professionals nationwide and are quickly becoming one of Ireland's leading asset finance providers