Donegal Investment Group Ltd.



About Us

''Planting The Seeds For Growth''

Donegal Investment Group Plc has its roots very firmly placed in the beautiful North West of Ireland, and operations across Ireland, the U.K., Holland, France and Brazil. Donegal Investment group continues to manage a diverse portfolio of companies to drive independent success through shared synergies wherever possible.

We will continue to grow our organisation in 3 key areas:

Produce: Growth, sales and distribution of seed potatoes and organic produce.

Food-Agri: Manufacture, sale and distribution of dairy products and rental and sale of food-agri property assets.

Associates: Comprising investments in North Western Livestock Holdings.

In 2013 shareholders agreed to rename the business to Donegal Investment Group Plc (DIG for short). This better reflects our new business model built around Global Seed potato with investments in areas including ethnic dairy, mushrooms and farming.

Welcome to Donegal where change is a way of life.