Donegal Bees



About Us

Donegal Bees manufactures high quality beehives and sources the best quality frames, foundation and other beekeeping supplies for its customers. We provide a wide variety of services including wax exchange, and are the only producers of Irish Wax Foundation Sheets. We have also expanded our range which now includes Beeswax Candles, Gift Packs & Jewellery.

Donegal Bees was founded by Thomas Ellis in 2013, and later joined by Áine Curran in 2015. Both are passionate about protecting our environment and bees, especially the conservation of our native Irish Black Honey Bee. Our goal is to make beekeeping equipment affordable for everyone in order to help encourage and sustain the beekeeping culture in Ireland, which is vitally important for our ecosystem and livelihoods.

We supply a wide variety of hives, hive parts, and friendly advice, to beginner and experienced beekeepers all across the country. Visit our website to see our entire range of hive types, hive packs and starter kits. Gift vouchers are also available, which could come in handy for the beekeeper in your life!