Donegal Bees



About Us

Donegal Bees was founded in 2013 by Thomas Ellis. Thomas began by making CDB hives in a small shed for some neighbours and friends, and over time realized that was quite expensive for the average beekeeper to purchase high-quality beehives and beekeeping equipment in Ireland. It was then the idea Donegal Bees was born.

Donegal Bees is now co-owned and directed by Thomas Ellis and Áine Curran. Áine joined the company in 2015 with extensive experience in customer service, accounting, and office management/systems. Our goal is to make beekeeping more affordable for everyone in order to sustain beekeeping culture in Ireland as it is so vitally important for our environment.

If you’re new to the world of beekeeping, we have a number of products in our catalogue that are perfect to help kickstart your beekeeping career or hobby. Seasoned expert? Well, you probably know what you’re looking for, but we’re here to help you if you get stuck.