Callaghan's Electrical Ltd (Euronics)



About Us

Callaghan’s Electrical has been dealing in the home appliance electrical industry since the early 1970’s, a family run business; starting out with just a few models of gas cookers, washing machines and fridges.

The Callaghan name became synonymous with home appliances and the Callaghan philosophy of:
1. Product… Selling our customers the products that suits their needs and lifestyle.
2. Price… Continuingly working hard with manufacturers to ensure as an independent retailer that our customers are the getting the best possible prices at all times.
3. Commitment… As time went on, our customers knew that buying from Callaghan’s Electrical meant that they were getting a commitment that they could rely on and customer service that’s second to none.

It’s these three simple philosophies that have stood our business well over the last 50 years, and which has resulted in us becoming the major name associated with home appliances in Donegal.